A comprehensive gene profile across thousands of cancer patient genomes with >500 sources, 10 years of data collection, and millions of dollars of experiments in one simple, dynamic web portal.

  • Profile your critical targets and biomarkers across thousands of retrospective de-identified patient tumor genomes online, in minutes
  • Rapidly prioritize targets based on mutations, copy number variants, and differential expression
  • Identify optimal patient segments for your clinical development based on biomarker frequencies in well-characterized patient populations

Accelerate your cancer research

Oncomine® Gene Browser for academic and nonprofit institutions

Oncomine® Gene Browser empowers users to assess mutations, gene expression, DNA copy number, cancer subtypes, normal tissue expression, and cell line models. Millions of actual experiments have been included so that you can conduct in silico analysis to inform your research, resulting in more focused wet lab experiments with a greater chance of success.

Oncomine® Gene Browser for small to mid-sized companies

A key benefit of Oncomine® Gene Browser is the fast and comprehensive evaluation of your oncology gene targets using the world's experimental oncology data. Use an unbiased approach to evaluate your gene targets, instead of a few selected research publications, and discover insights on new cancer subtypes that can expand your target clinical population in minutes.

Compare Oncomine® Gene Browser and Oncomine® Research Premium Edition

Oncomine® Gene Browser Oncomine® Research Premium Edition (academic only)
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Gene survey across global landscape of cancer  
Gene- and sample-centric analyses  
Dataset-centric analysis
Copy number and mutation frequency  
Summary of multiple aberrations (copy number, mutation, over-expression) across cancer types  
Evaluate and prioritize gene targets

Identifying optimal patient segments for
clinical development based on biomarker frequencies

Multi-gene search

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