Oncomine® Power Tools provide a highly interactive and visual environment for interrogating data and analyses to address key questions in oncology research. Designed for computational and bench-level biologists, these tools present detailed results and dynamic summaries of the world’s genomic oncology experiments.

Tools for advanced research

Oncomine® Gene Browser

Identify significant genetic alterations across all cancer types in a single snapshot view, with the capability of drilling down to the sample level.

Gene Expression Browser

Identify and confirm differential expression in multiple cancer types across multiple independent datasets.

DNA Copy Number Browser

Identify focal amplifications and distinguish driver from passenger amplifications/deletions across multiple clinical datasets.

Mutation Browser

Explore the frequency of mutation for a specific gene or identify the most prevalent mutation in a cancer type.

Key questions:

  • What gene is mostly frequently mutated in glioblastomas, and which recurrent amino acid changes are predictive of a potential oncogene?
  • What novel mutations exist in the exon-wide high-throughput sequencing experiments?
  • What focal amplifications are present in 2–3% of lung cancer clinical samples, and what cell lines possess similar amplifications for use as models?
  • What novel amplifications can be identified in the high-resolution Agilent experiments from TCGA and Broad Tumorscape data?
  • What cancer types show the highest expression levels of my target gene in clinical samples and cell lines?

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Oncomine® Gene Browser
DNA Copy Number Browser
Gene Expression Browser
Mutation Browser
Dynamic analyses
NGS data
Integrated analysis
Gene Fusion Browser  
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