Oncomine® Research Edition is a powerful web application that integrates and unifies high-throughput cancer profiling data across a large volume of cancer types, subtypes, and experiments so that target expression can be assessed online, in seconds.

A premium upgrade adds functionality and allows users to search the Oncomine® database for enrichment of user-defined gene signatures for additional insights into biology, regulation, pathways, drug responses, and patient populations.

Oncomine® application for academic and nonprofit cancer researchers

  • Based on the original Oncomine® application from the University of Michigan
  • Includes bookmarking, ontology-based filtering, and meta-COPA
  • Available under free license for non-commercial use*
  • Registration is required to upgrade to Oncomine® Research Premium Edition
  • Adds export functionality for sharing results
  • Upload custom concepts and perform multi-gene searches
  • Gain access to our in-house support team
  • Requires a paid license for individual or institutional users

Compare Oncomine® Research and Oncomine® Research Premium Editions

Oncomine® Research Edition Oncomine® Research Premium Edition
Register Upgrade
Smart search with auto-complete
Ontology-based filtering
Oncomine® concepts integration
Multi-gene search  
Enhanced export  
Advanced analyses  
Support community access
Custom concept upload  

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*Not available in certain countries where trade is restricted by embargo or other regulation.