In mammalian cells, a double-strand break (DSB) in genomic DNA is potentially lethal to a cell, and one of the responses to DSB formation as part of the repair process is phosphorylation of histone H2AX.

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The HCS DNA Damage Kit

DNA damage can be measured as an indicator of genotoxicity using an antibody against phosphorylated H2AX. By combining specific antibody-based detection of DNA damage with a cytotoxicity indicator, both parameters can be measured simultaneously in the same cell.

The HCS DNA Damage Kit uses a secondary antibody conjugate to detect phosphorylated H2AX, Image-iT® DEAD Green™ dye to detect cytotoxicity, and Hoechst 33342 to label nuclei in both live and dead cells. The kit is compatible with additional multiplexing steps, and results can be analyzed using automated image analysis techniques.

 HCS DNA Damage Kit
Using the HCS DNA Damage Kit, researchers can detect and quantitate DNA damage and changes in cell permeability.

Properties of the HCS DNA Damage Kit

ReadoutCombined genotoxicity and cytotoxicity detection compatible with automated image analysis in HCS
Common filter setDAPIFITCFITC
ReporterHoechst 33342 stainImage-iT® DEAD Green™ dyeAlexa Fluor® 555 dye
Ex/Em (nm)350/461488/515555/565
Live-cell compatibleNoYesNo
Added to growth mediaNoYesNo
Formaldehyde fixableCells are labeled after fixationYesCells are labeled after fixation
MultiplexingCan be multiplexed with additional detection reagents
Signal-to-noise4 stars5 stars5 stars
Photostability4 stars5 stars5 stars
PlatformImaging, HCS
Format1 kit (2 x 96-well plates)
Cat. No.H10292