Evos cell imaging systems
Designed to eliminate the complexities of microscopy without compromising performance, the Invitrogen EVOS line of cell imaging systems makes cell imaging accessible to almost every lab and budget. Find out which EVOS Cell Imaging System is right for you.

The EVOS lineup

Fluorescence systems
EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station

Fluorescence imaging has never been easier.

EVOS FL Cell Imaging System

Simple fluorescence imaging with increased flexibility.

EVOS FL Auto Cell Imaging System

Perfect for live cell imaging, image stitching, and area scanning.

Transmitted light systems
EVOS® XL Core Cell Imaging System

All-in-one transmitted-light system, perfect for cell culture.

EVOS® XL Cell Imaging System

Transmitted-light system with advanced capabilities.


Compare all EVOS models and find out for yourself.

EVOS imaging systems brochure

See the entire portfolio of easy to use cell imaging instruments that can be configured with a variety of objectives, light cubes, and vessel holders to meet your research needs.

Download the EVOS brochure

EVOS Cell Imaging System accessories

EVOS Light Cubes

For EVOS FL and FL Auto

EVOS Objectives

For all EVOS systems (except FLoid stations)

EVOS Vessel Holders

For all EVOS systems (except FLoid stations)

An EVOS system is a must-have in your lab for cell imaging—whether you’re capturing images for publication, teaching, or research. From cell culture to complex protein analysis to multichannel fluorescence imaging, EVOS cell imaging systems help you perform a variety of routine and specialty applications. Our proprietary LED light cube technology minimizes photobleaching, offers >50,000 hours of LED illumination, and permits precise intensity adjustments—with no darkroom and no consumables costs.

Generate publication-quality images

In today’s competitive scientific environment, generating publication-quality images is critical to your success. To help ensure that you get the publication-quality images you need, EVOS systems give you top-of-the-line imaging components, including:

  • High-quality cameras and optics to capture high-resolution images
  • LED illumination to produce superior signal-to-noise ratios
  • Easy-to-use image capture and processing software for ready-to-publish images

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