The Thermo Scientific family of ArrayScan HCA readers provides modular solutions to address your specialized applications in high-content analysis and screening.

Configure your own system with ArrayScan High-Content System modules

With a Thermo Scientific ArrayScan High-Content System you can expand your research by adding modular accessories to address specialized high-content applications.

ArrayScan System selection guide

Choose the ArrayScan system that best fits your research needs from the table below. Your system's capabilities can be expanded with additional objectives, modules, and software.

  ArrayScan Solo High Content System ArrayScan XTI High Content Platform ArrayScan XTI Live High Content Platform Arrayscan XTI Infinity High Content Platform
Zeiss 5X Fluar (0.25NA)
Zeiss 10X (0.3NA) EC Plan-NeoFluar
Zeiss 10X (0.45NA) Plan-Apochromat
Zeiss 20X (0.4NA) LD Plan-NeoFluar
Zeiss 20X (0.8NA) Plan-Apochromat
Available as upgrade
Available as upgrade
Available as upgrade
Zeiss 40X (0.75NA) Plan-NeoFluar
Available as upgrade
Available as upgrade
Available as upgrade
Brightfield module
Available as upgrade
Available as upgrade
Live cell module
Available as upgrade
Available as upgrade
Confocal module
Available as upgrade
Available as upgrade
Available as upgrade
HCS Studio 2.0 Client Software with Store Express Image and Database Management Software
Store Image and Database Management Software Standard Edition
Available as upgrade

Array scan
Array scan
Array scan

CHO cells stably expressing GFP-tagged GLUT4 acquired using an ArrayScan system. The movie shows trafficking of GLUT4 in intracellular vesicles from the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane and ruffling of the plasma membrane.

HUVEC cells image acquired using an ArrayScan system and stained with Hoechst 33342 (blue) and rhodamine phalloidin (red).

Rat cortical neuron image acquired using an ArrayScan system and stained with DAPI (blue), anti-MAP2 and Alexa Fluor 488 goat anti–mouse IgG (green), and anti-synaptophysin and Alexa Fluor 647 goat anti–rabbit IgG (red).

ArrayScan system highlights

Illumination 7-channel Solid-State LED Light Engine
Camera Photometrics X1 camera 
Widefield 7-channel fluorescent imaging
Brightfield White light brightfield imaging (option)
Confocal 6-channel confocal imaging (option)
Objectives 4-position objective turret (range from 1.25x-63x, Low and High NA)
Focus Software and laser-based autofocus for reduced phototoxicity
Live cell Live-cell imaging chamber (option)
Liquid handling 1 channel aspirate and dispense with read through imaging (option)
Automation Configured for fully automated plate handling and scanning
Software HCS Studio software for integrated data collection and analysis

Reagents optimized for high-content screening

Drawing on decades of experience in fluorescence imaging, our HCS products are developed using Thermo Scientific High-Content Platforms with special considerations for the high-throughput workflow and automated imaging:

  • Cell and nuclear masks for automated demarcation
  • Robust functional probes for cell health interrogation
  • Flexible assay workflow for automated processing
  • Broad fluorophore choice for easy multiplexing
  • Validated on multiple imaging platforms

Select reagents for use with ArrayScan systems

Other cell structure and segmentation tools

Clear identification of cell and nuclear boundaries in automated imaging requires fiducial markers that will label cellular structures robustly and reproducibly. Cell masks are designed specifically for automated imaging. Molecular Probes cell structure labels are widely used in microscope imaging and HCS.

See other reagents for cell structure

Other cell health and cytotoxicity assays

We offer a diverse selection of imaging and microscopy assays for the analysis of cell viability, proliferation apoptosis, cell cycle and DNA repair, migration, adhesion and other cellular functions. Many of these assays have been validated specifically for HCS platforms.

Browse cell health and cytotoxicity assays by application:

Microplates and slides

Compatible with SBS standard microplates (6–1,536 well) and slides


Orbitor RS Microplate Mover

Increase throughput, storage capacity and operational flexibility with the Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS Microplate Mover—industrial-sized performance within a compact, benchtop mover.

The Orbitor RS is a high-speed microplate mover offering proven, reliable performance with totally flexible plate handling. Extensive vertical reach allows multiple stacked or high density instruments to be loaded in a small footprint, and a bi-directional telescoping arm provides superior reach, improved user safety and unlimited base rotations within a 360° workspace.


Photometrics X1 CCD:

  • High-resolution, thermoelectrically cooled to 0°C
  • 14-bit dynamic range
  • FOV 2208 x 2208 pixel array
  • 4.54 micron pixel size
  • 75% peak Quantum Efficiency (QE)
  • USB 2.0 (no additional CameraLink or Firewire cards needed)
  • Multiple binning options
  • Binning modes: 1x1, 2x2, or 4x4
Data management Compatible with Thermo Scientific Store Image and Database Management Software

(Reader unit only)

Height: 52.4 cm (20.6 in)
Depth: 62.5 cm (24.6 in)
Width: 90 cm (35.4 in)
Weight: 86 kg (189 lbs)
Image compatibility JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, C01, DIB
Light source

LED, solid-state 7-color light engine used with provided filter sets offers the following excitation/emission capabilities (Ex/Em, in nm):

  • 386/440 (e.g., Hoechst)
  • 438/482 (e.g., ECFP)
  • 485/521 or 485/517 (e.g., Alexa Fluor 488)
  • 485/543 (e.g., EYFP); 549/607 (e.g., Cy3)
  • 560/615 or 560/612 (e.g., mCherry)
  • 648/694 (e.g., Cy5)
  • 740/810 (e.g., Alexa Fluor 750)
Microscope Zeiss™ Axio Z1 Observer


  • Zeiss 5X Fluar (0.25NA)
  • 10X (0.3NA) EC Plan-NeoFluar
  • 10X (0.45NA) Plan-Apochromat
  • 20X (0.4NA) LD Plan-NeoFluar
  • 40X (0.75NA) Plan-NeoFluar


  • 2.5X (0.075NA) Plan-NeoFluar
  • 20X (0.8NA) Plan-Apochromat
  • 40X (0.5NA) LD A-Plan
  • 63X (0.75NA) LD Plan-NeoFluar
PC Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit PC with 32GB (4x8GB) RAM, Intel® Xeon® Processor 3.7GHz Turbo, RAID I Controller with 1.8TB Hard Drive and 256 Boot Drive.
Includes Dell 24" High Resolution Widescreen Monitor or equivalent, keyboard and mouse.
Software Thermo Scientific HCS Studio 3.0 Cell Analysis Software
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