Imaging Cytometry

Accurately quantitating apoptosis, cell viability, and GFP/RFP transfection efficiencies can be extremely challenging to today’s life science researcher.  Fluorescence microscopy does not give the quantitiative data needed while flow cytometry can be difficult and time consuming to perform in the lab.  The Tali® Image-Based Cytometer and Assays provide a simple and rapid benchtop solution for the quantitative analysis of apoptosis, cell viability and GFP/RFP transfection.

Imaging Cytometry Instruments

Tali® Image Cytometer Tali® Image Cytometer
The Tali® Image Cytometer is a benchtop assay platform giving you quick, quantitative analysis of GFP/RFP expression, apoptosis, cell viability, and much more right at your bench.


Imaging Cytometry Kits & Assays

Tali® Image Cytometer Kits & Assays Tali® Kits & Assays
These kits have been optimized for use with the Tali® Image Cytometer. Find reagents for cell viability (both dead cell red, and dead cell green), as well as apoptosis identification.