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Tali® Image Cytometer

Quick, quantitative analysis at your benchtop

The Tali® Image Cytometer is a benchtop assay platform giving you quick, quantitative analysis of GFP/RFP expression, apoptosis, cell viability, and much more.

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Apoptosis with Tali®

About the Tali® Image Cytometer

The Tali® Image Cytometer is a 3-channel (bright field, green fluorescence, red fluorescence) benchtop assay platform that performs suspension cell-based assays. Where researchers once relied on “eyeballing”, the Tali® Image-Based Cytometer now gives precise, accurate statistical information of expression within their cells.

  • Accurate—Obtain statistically significant three-parameter population analysis
  • Versatile—Generate visual and analytical data for GFP/RPF expression, apoptosis, and cell viability
  • Convenient—Setup in minutes with no cleaning and minimal maintenance

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