Cell Culture Bags
  • Gibco® media conveniently pre-filled in bags in a variety of formulations and sizes
  • Specifically designed to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Easily integrates with most systems - universal design provides multiple connection options
  • Gibco® quality and reliability in a disposable format up to 1000L

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All catalog bags will transition to the new Gibco® PE film during 2010.  Timing for each product will be unique depending on current inventory.

FAQ for new Gibco® PE film

New Film

We are upgrading our small-volume bags (5 L, 10 L, and 20 L) to the same film as our large bags (100 L, 200 L, and 1,000 L) to provide a consistent material across all offerings.  The new product contact layer of the Gibco® universal bag will be ultralow density polyethylene and has the following benefits:

  • Robust, clear and animal-origin free film
  • Single-ply co-extruded film structure
  • Extremely low extractable and leachable profile
  • Superior gas transmission barrier properties
  • Consistent film across every bag size (1 L–1,000 L)

New Formulas

In addition to the new film, we will be adding several new media formulas and sizes to our standard catalog offerings.

Freestyle 293, CD CHO and PBS now available.

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Gibco® Flexible Packaging Options

Gibco Universal Bags

Gibco® Universal Bags

Gibco® PE bags are available prefilled with a selection of Gibco® media and reagents in 5, 10 and 20 L sizes.

GIBCO media

Wave Cellbags

The Cellbag® Bioreactor from Wave Biotech (part of GE Healthcare) is available prefilled with Gibco® media.

Technical Information

Review the film validation testing methods and results, gas transmission rates, construction details, and stability data for the Gibco® PE film.

Custom Inquiries

Gibco® media is available in many customized packaging configurations, including large-scale media bags.  Fill out a custom inquiry to learn more.