RPMI Gibco® RPMI 1640 medium has a wide range of applications for mammalian cells, including the culture of fresh human lymphocytes, fusion protocols, and growth of hybrid cells.

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GlutaMAX™ media—healthier cells live longer

Gibco® GlutaMAX™ media are standard cell culture media that contain a stabilized form of L-glutamine, the dipeptide L-alanyl-L-glutamine, that prevents degradation and ammonia buildup in both adherent and suspension cultures.  Use GlutaMAX™ media to increase media stability, minimize toxic ammonia buildup, and maximize cell performance. Get the most from your cell cultures with GlutaMAX™ media.

GlutaMAX™ media

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Cell culture with Advanced media

Growth comparisons of several cell lines grown in Advanced (reduced-serum) media (1–2% FBS) compared to classical media (5% FBS) show equivalent or superior cell growth and no change in morphology.

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