Whether you need next-generation cloning tools, industry-leading gene synthesis services, optimized protein expression or want to outsource the entire process from gene synthesis to protein production, GeneArt® custom services and related products can help streamline your research and workflow.

Explore these innovative tools for synthetic biology, genetic engineering, and molecular biology.

Custom services

Gene Synthesis

Complex genes, optimization, high order DNA assembly, synthetic pathways, synthetic vaccines

GeneArt® Strings™ Fragments and Libraries

NEW!  Custom synthetic gene fragments (up to 3 kb) and libraries (up to 2 kb) with full IUPAC options, ready for cloning.

GeneArt® Precision TALs Products and Services

Custom DNA-binding proteins for accurate DNA targeting and precise genome editing, at any locus in the genome.

GeneArt® CRISPR® Products and Services

Highly flexible and specific genome editing tools, including an all-in-one expression vector and Cas9 mRNA, and a complete engineering service.

Plasmid Preparation and Subcloning

Subcloning in vector of your choice, Gateway® Cloning, high-quality plasmid preparation

Protein Production and Cell Line Development

Expression optimization, high-yield protein expression, stable cell line development

Directed Evolution

Introduction of mutations in existing constructs (e.g., substitutions, insertions)

Products & kits

Seamless Cloning and Genetic Assembly

High-efficiency enzyme mix, kits, and systems for in vivo and in vitro cloning

Single and Multisite-Directed Mutagenesis

Generate substitutions, deletions, or insertions in virtually any plasmid

Algae Engineering Kits

Quality algae engineering for reliable, meaningful results

Gene Synthesis Kit & CorrectASE™

Gene Synthesis Kit with CorrectASE™ enzyme provides all the reagents necessary for the gene synthesis workflow

Free Construct & Primer Design Web Tool

Step-by-step, this online tool guides users through experimental design and ordering, designing oligos for assembly or mutagenesis of DNA molecules in silico

Vector NTI® Bioinformatics Software

Suite of sequence analysis and design tools that helps you to manage, view, analyze, transform, share, and publicize diverse types of molecular biology data