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We've combined the convenience of our online ordering system with cutting-edge GeneArt™ services to meet your gene synthesis needs, including GeneOptimizer™ technology for stable and increased protein expression via optimized synthetic genes or Directed Evolution services to rationalize protein engineering.

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GeneArt It!—GeneArt Gene Synthesis Product Selection Guide

Gene synthesis and related services

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NEW!  Custom synthetic gene fragments (up to 3 kb) and libraries (up to 2 kb) with full IUPAC options, ready for cloning.

Highly flexible and specific genome editing tools, including an all-in-one expression vector and Cas9 mRNA, and a complete engineering service

Site-directed mutagenesis, site-saturation mutagenesis, libraries

Custom, TALEN-based DNA binding proteins for accurate DNA targeting and precise genome editing

Expression optimization, protein production, cell line development

Express cloning for expression ready genes, standard subcloning, and plasmid DNA purification.

Clone multiple fragments simultaneously without leaving scars

Combine GeneArt  Elements™ parts with custom parts to design individualized vectors

Combine predefined DNA parts to build a diverse set of larger constructs

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Why choose gene synthesis?

Think about the amount of time you spend at the bench using PCR, mutagenesis, and direct cloning to isolate and prepare your DNA of interest from natural sources, genomic or cDNA. Gene synthesis outperforms traditional cloning by providing you fast turnaround times and guaranteed sequence accuracy. Construct design and optimization services are also available in order to fine tune the expression of your gene(s) of interest.

The benefits of custom gene synthesis include:

  • Gene optimization for increased performance and protein expression rates
  • Time and labor savings from outsourcing of the cloning so you can focus on making discoveries
  • Custom capabilities that allow you to order and obtain the exact sequence of interest
  • Guaranteed accuracy—your clone will exactly match the sequence ordered (no risk of unwanted mutations)
  • The ability to build challenging, complex constructs and custom vectors
  • Creation of multiple variants for comparative studies between wild-type and mutant forms


Need assistance with gene synthesis?

If you experience any problems during ordering contact support or directly transfer your project information by downloading and completing the Sequence Submission Form for further processing. Additional fees for manual processing may apply.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.