Truncation Without Frameshifts

In a truncation library, the wild type sequence can be shortened from both ends in single amino acid/single codon steps.

GeneArt™ Truncation Libraries consist of a pool of DNA fragments of different length that all contain a certain core region of the gene of interest. Unlike other methods, our process preserves the open reading frame, avoiding out-of- frame mutations.

Truncation libraries can for example be used to:

  • Optimize solubility
  • Evaluate minimal functional-protein size
  • Identify functional domains
  • Screen for inhibitors
  • Map epitopes

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GeneArt™ Truncation Libraries are cloned into the vector of your choice, then up to 96 clones are peer group–sequenced to help ensure that your library meets your specifications.

  • 30 µg of plasmid DNA cloned into the vector of your choice
  • Peer group sequencing of up to 96 clones
  • Glycerol stock of transformed cells
  • More functional variants
    • No system-based out-of-frame mutations
    • Low ancillary mutation rates—>90% sequence integrity (depending on length of the gene; unintended mutants will have amino acid substitutions in most cases)
  • High success rates—receive all possible truncation variants; library diversity of up to ~40,000

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.