Generation of High-Performance Cell Lines With Stable Expression of Your Protein

To generate stable cell lines, the GeneArt™ Genes-to-Cell Lines Service uses a combination of advanced technologies: expression-optimized genes subcloned into our proprietary vector that was developed in-house.

Our process is designed for enhanced transgene integration, transgene expression, and genetic stability of cell lines—including protein productivity characteristics—even when scaled up for production of large amounts of protein. Optimized selection strategies and culture conditions ensure high protein yields (see below).

How To Get Your Project Started


Download and fill out the Cell line service requirements form, then email it to the GeneArt™ Cell Lines and Protein Services team We will respond with a price and production time quote.

GeneArt™ Genes-to-Cell-Lines Services


Genes-to-Cell Lines Polyclonal
Development of polyclonal CHO or HEK293 cell line that stably expresses your protein

Expression test of pooled cells (western blot analysis
Polyclonal cell line expressing your protein

Comprehensive report

Genes-to-Cell Lines Clonal
Development of clonal CHO or HEK293 cell line that stably expresses your protein

Expression test of up to 500 stable, growing individual cells
Clonal cell line expressing your protein

Comprehensive report

Gene optimization can greatly increase protein expression levels

Comparison of protein expression from stable cell lines transfected with wild type and optimized gene. Stable cell lines expressing a secreted human protein were generated by transfection with a recombinant expression vector containing either a wild type gene (lanes 1, 2) or a GeneArt™ GeneOptimizer®-improved gene (lanes 3, 4).

The four cell lines were grown in parallel using standardized conditions. Recombinant protein was immunoprecipitated from identical volumes of conditioned medium and analyzed on a Coomassie-stained gel and by western blot.

The concentration of recombinant protein in the conditioned media was quantified by ELISA.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.