Rapid, Economical Alternative to Subcloning Yourself
Get your gene ready to use in your downstream applications. We can subclone your synthetic gene into any vector you send us. Even complex cloning projects with multiple open reading frames are no problem—for example, large double-gene vectors expressing monoclonal antibodies.


Save turnaround time with express cloning service for expression ready constructs!

How to order

Using an alternative production procedure with pre-prepared expression vectors, GeneArt™ can clone your synthesized genes directly into selected expression plasmids, saving 4-5 business days compared to the standard subcloning workflow for expression ready constructs with subcloning into pMx series vector first.

This Express cloning option is different from the still available classical subcloning service after gene synthesis (see table below). As deliverable, you will receive expression ready genes - your synthesized gene in the selected expression vector, no additional copy in a pMx cloning vector will be provided.

Turnaround time for expression ready genes starts at 11 business days (depending on the length of your gene). Adding the gene synthesis express upgrade cuts additional 2 days, so it is possible to realize a turnaround time of 9 business days for your cloned, expression ready gene (see table below).

Genes qualifying for Express cloning must be <5kb and not complex (optimization of your sequence can reduce complexity).

Expression ready genes: comparison of deliverables and turnaround times

Service type Deliverable Turnaround time (business days)
Express Gene synthesis* & Express Cloning service
Expression ready gene in selected expression vector 9 (7+2 for genes <1,200 bp)
14 (12+2 for genes 1,200 – 3,000 bp)
19 (17+2 for genes 3,000 – 4,000 bp)
Gene synthesis standard & Express Cloning service Expression ready gene in selected expression vector 11 (9+2 for genes <1,200 bp)
16 (14+2 for genes 1,200 – 3,000 bp)
21 (19+2 for genes 3,000 – 4,000 bp)
Gene synthesis standard & Classical Subcloning service Expression ready gene in any expression vector
15 (9+6 for genes <1,200 bp)
20 (14+6 for genes 1,200 – 3,000 bp)
25 (19+6 for genes 3,000 – 4,000 bp)

*Valid for standard gene synthesis (non-complex), GC content 10% - 80%

The following vectors are currently available for Express Cloning and can be directly selected during ordering (more vectors will be included for Express cloning over time):

Figure 1: Express cloning directly into an expression vector

Figure 2: Classical subcloning from pMx into an expression vector

*Expression vector example. Multiple choices for vector available.


We have substantial experience using Gateway™ recombination cloning technology, and the GeneArt Subcloning Service can be used for subcloning your synthetic gene into any vector you choose, including novel vectors built using the GeneArt Plasmid Construction Service. Focus on your results and leave the subcloning to GeneArt Services.


  • Competitive subcloning price
  • Convenient—tell us what you need and receive your ready-to-use clone quickly
  • Reliable—vector integrity is verified by restriction digestion and inserts are 100% sequence-verified and documented
  • Confidential—no data or material are provided to third parties
  • Extendable—get more of your plasmid DNA (any amount) if needed

How to Order

Choose “Subcloning (SC)” when setting up your project online.  

The basic subcloning service includes subcloning your DNA insert into the vector you specify. You’ll receive:

  • 5 µg of plasmid DNA containing your insert
  • 100% sequence verification

Need more DNA? Transfection-ready DNA?

Add “Plasmid preparation (PP)” to your project, and follow the instructions to enter your requirements. The GeneArt Plasmid Preparation Service offers highly pure plasmid DNA, ready for use in your experiments (even transfection of mammalian cells)

Tell us about your project for more information and to receive information on pricing and production time.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.