Our nucleic acid purification products are optimized to provide maximum yield, purity, and integrity from virtually any sample type. Explore our Invitrogen™ Ambion™ and other Invitrogen technology choices for efficient purification of RNA, miRNA, plasmid DNA, and gDNA. Learn about our innovative Cells–to-CT™ products for bypassing nucleic acid isolation altogether, as well as new kits to work with FPPE samples.

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Popular DNA & RNA purification products

KingFisher Purification Systems
PureLink RNA Mini Kit
mirVana miRNA Isolation Kits

Featured DNA & RNA purification & analysis categories

Sensitive, scalable Invitrogen™ DNA purification products to maximize efficiency.

Best-in-class Invitrogen ™ Ambion™ RNA purification products.

Gels and reagents for fast and accurate separation and analysis of nucleic acids, including the E-Gel™ system.

Flexible systems for purifying both viral RNA and DNA that offer excellent reproducibility.

Minimize your hands-on time with our automated nucleic acid purification instruments for DNA, RNA, and plasmid.

Combine power, versatility, and convenience in a safe, compact, easy-to-use benchtop centrifuges.

Accurate and easy quantitation of nucleic acids with Qubit™ fluorometers and Quant-IT™ assay kits.

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