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We offer a broad range of Invitrogen™ kits for the isolation and purification of genomic and plasmid DNA from a wide variety of samples, including tissue, cells, blood, serum, plants, and forensic samples.

We also offer unique, cutting-edge purification methods, including products that facilitate everything from isolation to amplification in the same tube, and GMP-manufactured reagents for standardized testing labs.

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Purify genomic DNA from a range of sample sizes and a wide variety of sample types:


DNA extraction with excellent reproducibility for many fundamental downstream molecular biology experiments:

Featured Products

PureLink® HiPure Plasmid Kits

PureLink® Kits

  • No need for extra steps to remove endotoxin and other contaminants.

ChargeSwitch®-Pro Filter Plasmid Mini Kit

ChargeSwitch® Nucleic Acid Purification

  • Transfection-grade plasmid DNA for all of your downstream applications.

GeneCatcher™ gDNA Blood Kit

GeneCatcher™ Magnetic Beads

  • Rapid and efficient extraction of genomic DNA from human blood.

DNAzol® Reagents

DNAzol® Reagents

  • Complete, ready-to-use for genomic DNA extraction.

BenchPro® 2100 Plasmid Purification System

PureLink Microbiome DNA Purification Kit

  • Enables rapid isolation of high-quality microbial and host DNA from a wide variety of sample types.

Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Isolation

  • Scalable extraction of circulating cfDNA with magnetic bead technology.

KingFisher Nucleic Acid Purification Systems

  • Minimize your hands-on time with our KingFisher automated nucleic acid purification instruments for DNA, RNA, and proteins.



Custom Products and Services

DNA Extraction Products 

Rely on our customized plasmid DNA purification service for your in vivo, in vitro, and preclinical applications. We also offer endotoxin testing, sterility testing via bioburden assay, BCA protein assays, restriction digests, archiving, and more.