Rapid and efficient DNA extraction from blood

Genotyping has become an essential application in clinical trials for pharmacogenomics studies. The emergence of pharmacogenomic centers of excellence has resulted in an increasing need for purification of high-quality genomic DNA from large volumes of blood. Since samples are collected and shipped worldwide, every sample may require different storage and shipping conditions. Choosing the right genomic DNA extraction from blood is important based on your needs and expected end results. We offer a wide range of kits designed for DNA extraction from blood or serum samples at the purity and scale you need.

Which Invitrogen DNA extraction from blood kit is right for you?

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  Process the largest amount of blood Fast isolation of gDNA from blood High-yield, high-purity gDNA in a plate format Rapid and automated extraction of DNA Fastest automated extraction for blood & saliva
  DNAzol BD Reagent PureLink Genomic DNA Mini Kit PureLink Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit MagMAX-96 DNA Multi-Sample Kit MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra Kit 2.0
Blood input 500 µL 200 µL 200 µL 50–350 µL 50 µL – 2 mL
Yield 10–20 µg 3–10 µg 3–10 µg 1.5–16 µg 1.5–80 µg
Isolation method Organic extraction Silica membrane Filter plate Magnetic beads Magnetic beads
High-throughput compatible No No Yes Yes Yes
Compatible applications Cloning, qPCR, sequencing Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping
Prep time 10-30 min 15 min 35 min 90 min using KingFisher instruments 45 min using KingFisher instruments
Prep size 100 mL 50, 250 preps 4 x 96 preps 50, 96, 500, 2500 preps 100 preps or bulk reagents

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