Forensics DNA samples are often highly variable in quality, making it difficult to validate a single purification protocol that will work for high-throughput screening of various sample types. ChargeSwitch® technology is designed to purify samples of variable quality using a single protocol, without centrifugation, and without the introduction of high-concentration salts or organic solvents that can interfere with downstream analytical protocols.

ChargeSwitch® Forensic DNA Purification Kit

  ChargeSwitch® Forensic DNA Purification Kit
Recommendation Optimized for STR and poor or degraded samples
Protocol Time <15 min
Isolation Technology ChargeSwitch® chemistry
High Throughput Compatible Yes
High Throughput/Automation Options iPrep™ ChargeSwitch® Forensic Kit
Kit Size 100 preps
Cost/Prep $3.00
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The ChargeSwitch® Forensic DNA Purification Kit affords high sensitivity and robustness for poor or environmentally degraded samples. This kit is fully validated for single tandem repeat (STR) profiling and is compatible with high-throughput protocols. Use the iPrep™ ChargeSwitch® Forensic Kit when using the iPrep™ Purification System to process your forensic samples. 

Rapid, Three Step, pH-Based Purification Protocol

The ChargeSwitch® Forensic DNA Purification Kit allows purification of genomic DNA typically in less than 15 minutes following sample preparation, using magnetic beads with a unique, ionizable, nucleic acid-binding ligand whose charge can be switched based on the pH of the surrounding medium. Purification is achieved through a simple three-step procedure in aqueous buffers and avoids the use of guanidine, ethanol, and other hazardous reagents. 

Validated for Single Tandem Repeat (STR) Profiling

The ChargeSwitch® Forensic DNA Purification Kit is suitable for use in STR analysis, for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) extraction from hair follicles for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis, and includes a flexible protocol to facilitate genomic DNA isolation from a variety of forensic sample types (Figure 1), such as:

  • Dried blood spots on paper and clothing
  • Hair follicles and hair shafts
  • Cigarette butts
  • Cigarette paper
  • Envelopes
  • Drinking vessel swabs
  • Chewing gum
  • Sperm head cells
  • Vaginal epithelial cells
  • Door handle swabs
  • Strip removed cells (e.g., hats, coats, and gloves)
  •  "Touch DNA" (e.g., tools, mobile phones, and microscopes)
  • Dyed denim.


ChargeSwitch® Forensic DNA Purification Kit  
Figure 1. The ChargeSwitch® Forensic DNA Purification Kit effectively purifies DNA from challenging forensic samples. 54 cigarette butts (remains) were collected, 48 samples were purified using the ChargeSwitch® Forensic Kit (red bars), 6 samples were purified using a leading competitive kit (blue bars). The DNA was quantified using picogreen and fluorimetric analysis.


Average DNA yields by sample type  
Figure 2. Average DNA yields by sample type. The standard CST® protocol for automated isolation of genomic DNA was used to purify DNA from multiple forensic samples, plus negative controls. All samples were processed in 96-well plates using a Tecan Genesis® automated liquid handling robot. The single protocol was found to be highly flexible and could handle the full range of sample types tested.


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