PCR Clean Up

PCR Clean-Up From Complex Mixtures of DNA

PCR clean-up is a routine but time-consuming laboratory procedure. Now you can use an easier, faster, safer method and get superior results. Purify DNA using a simple and rapid PCR clean-up method that efficiently removes short primers, unincorporated dNTPs, enzymes, short-failed PCR products, and salts from PCR reactions.

Isolated DNA is ready for sequencing, PCR, transcription, mapping, cloning, and labeling. We offer a wide range of Invitrogen™ PCR clean-up kits, plus the support you may need to get high yields of pure DNA (Figure 1).

ChargeSwitch®-Pro kits Figure 1. ChargeSwitch®-Pro kits simplify PCR clean-up. Sequencing results from amplicons purified using the ChargeSwitch®-Pro PCR Clean-Up Kit. The ChargeSwitch®-Pro PCR Clean-Up Kit and QIAquick® PCR Purification Kit were used according to the manufacturers’ directions. A purified 2 kb sample (100 ng) from each purification was used in BigDye® Terminator sequencing reactions with the T7 primer. (A) Electropherogram of a sample purified with the ChargeSwitch®-Pro kit. (B) Phred 20 scores averaged from triplicate samples.

Which PCR product clean-up kit is right for you?

Quick and Efficient removal of by-products Ideal for concentrating low yield PCR products Simple, reliable, rapid method, 96-well format Rapid, one tube, 5 minute protocol for high recovery of DNA Complete kit with no harsh chemicals for fast, hassle-free automatable setup
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  PureLink® PCR Purification Kit PureLink® PCR Micro Purification Kit PureLink® 96 PCR Purification Kit ChargeSwitch® PCR Clean-Up Kit ChargeSwitch®-Pro PCR Clean-Up Kit
Format Spin/vacuum column Spin/vacuum column 96-well plate (vacuum/centrifuge) Magnetic beads Spin/vacuum column
Protocol time 15 min 15 min 15 min 5 min 5 min
Sample volume 50–100 µL 50–100 µL 50–100 µL 25–50 µL
Yield plasmid DNA Up to 40 µg Up to 20 µg Up to 20 µg Up to 30 µg Up to 15 µg
DNA fragment size 100 bp–15 kb 100 bp–15 kb 100 bp–15 kb 90 bp–40 kb 125 bp–12 kb
Binding capacity Up to 40 µg Up to 40 µg Up to 40 µg ~25 µg per mg beads ~25 µg per mg beads
Downstream Application Sequencing, Sequencing (Next Generation), Nucleic Acid Labeling, PCR, Cloning Sequencing, Nucleic Acid Labeling, PCR, Cloning Sequencing, Cloning Sequencing, Sequencing (Next Generation), Microarray Analysis, PCR, Cloning Sequencing, Sequencing (Next Generation), Microarray Analysis, PCR, Cloning
High Throughput Compatibility Yes No Yes YesNo
Pack size 50 preps 250 preps 50 preps 250 preps 4 plates 100 preps 960 preps50 preps 250 preps
Cat. No. K310001
K3100-96A CS12000

PureLink® Combo Kit

If you do PCR clean-up and gel extractions, consider our PureLink® combo kit that allows you to do either process with a single kit.

 PureLink® Quick Gel Extraction and PCR Purification Combo Kit 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.