Good things come in small packages

Introducing the E-Gel® Go! System—now you can get the convenience of precast gels when low throughput and quick-check analysis are all you need. Plus, the compact format minimizes wasted lanes.

The E-Gel® Go! System includes an integrated running base and transilluminator device and low-throughput, 1% or 2% agarose four-lane gel cassettes.

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The Economical Option When You Just Need a Few Lanes

Fast and easy to use, it’s ready to go when you are. The E-Gel® Go! System offers a cost-effective way to quickly check your PCR, restriction digestion, or ligation reactions—or even run a gel in the field. The system is particularly helpful when you only have a few samples.

  • Convenient—no melting, mixing, pouring, or waiting, and gels are stable at room temperature
  • Economical—low-cost gels with fewer lanes mean less waste when you’re only looking at a few samples
  • Compact—small footprint
  • Portable—with the optional portable battery pack, gels can be run anywhere
  • Sensitive—uses the same high-sensitivity nucleic acid stain as in the popular E-Gel® EX product, for greater sensitivity than comparable gels that contain ethidium bromide

See How the E-Gel® Go! System Works

From 4 to 104 Lanes, There’s Now an E-Gel® System for Every Need

E-Gel® agarose gel electrophoresis systems are complete bufferless systems for the analysis of DNA and RNA samples. Now with the introduction of the new E-Gel® Go! System, there’s sure to be an E-Gel® system that meets your needs. Learn about the several E-Gel® system options that are available. You can also find out about the new E-Gel® Imager, an affordable gel imaging system for any agarose gel. See how you can get the performance of a complex imaging system in an economical and space-saving benchtop device.

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