Ambion® RNA experts are committed to providing the highest-quality prepared RNA available. To achieve this goal we are continually striving to understand what "high-quality RNA" truly means with respect to various downstream applications. Intactness of mRNA, genomic DNA contamination, presence/absence of enzymatic inhibitors, and ribosomal RNA contamination in poly(A) preparations are all important aspects of RNA quality. As we continue to gain a better understanding of how these factors affect downstream applications, we will strive to ensure that our FirstChoice® RNA products exceed the requirements of even the most stringent applications.

  • Certified to contain small RNAs (miRNA, siRNA, and snRNA)
  • RNA available from a wide variety of human tissues and cell lines
  • DNase-treated to remove contaminating DNA
  • Superior quality control standards

Total RNA

We offer FirstChoice® total RNA from human, mouse, and rat tissues, as well as from E. coli and human cell lines. RNA is obtained using Ambion® RNA isolation reagents to yield highly pure, intact RNA that includes the small-RNA fraction. Purified RNA is subjected to a stringent DNase treatment. The RNA is supplied ready to use in any downstream application, including RT-PCR. Note that although it is impossible to remove every DNA molecule from an RNA sample, each preparation is tested to ensure that any residual DNA contamination is insignificant.

RNA integrity is verified by capillary electrophoresis using an Agilent® 2100 Bioanalyzer™ instrument. FirstChoice® total RNA is provided in THE RNA Storage Solution at a convenient, ready-to-use concentration of 1 mg/mL.

Ordering Information

Product Name Cat. No. Species Sample Source Quantity
E. coli Total RNAAM7940 E. coli Normal Tissue200 µg
Breast Adenocarcinoma (MCF-7) Total RNA AM7846HumanCell line100 µg
Burkitts Lymphoma (Raji) Total RNAAM7856HumanCell line100 µg
Cervical Adenocarcinoma (HeLa-S3) Total RNA AM7852HumanCell line100 µg
FirstChoice® Human Brain Reference RNA (1 mg⁄mL)AM6050HumanNormal tissue50 µg
Human Brain Total RNA AM7962HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Breast Total RNAAM6952HumanNormal tissue50 µg
Human Colon Total RNA AM7986HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Heart Total RNA AM7966HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Kidney Total RNAAM7976HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Liver Total RNA AM7960HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Lung Total RNA AM7968HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Pancreas Total RNA AM7954 HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Prostate Total RNA AM7988HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Skeletal Muscle Total RNA AM7982 HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Spleen Total RNAAM7970HumanNormal tissue100 µg
Human Testes Total RNA AM7972 HumanNormal tissue10 µg
Leukemia (K-562) Total RNA AM7832HumanCell line100 µg
Promyelocytic Leukemia (HL-60) Total RNA AM7836 HumanCell line100 µg
T-cell Leukemia (Jurkat) Total RNA AM7858 HumanCell line100 µg

NOTE: Ambion® no longer sells the following purified RNAs/cDNAs as catalog made-to-stock products:

  • FirstChoice® Tumor/Normal Adjacent Tissue RNA
  • FirstChoice® Brain Region RNA
  • FirstChoice® Rat/Mouse RNA
  • FirstChoice® Poly(A) RNA
  • FirstChoice® cDNA (either PCR-ready or RACE-ready)


To order any of the above products please contact customer service.