Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Secure storage for cold samples

Thermo Scientific™ ultra low–temperature freezers protect your samples requiring storage temperatures as low as –86°C. Combining high reliability and superior performance with cost-effective operation and innovative features, our ultra-low freezers offer innovative technology, touchscreen controls and durable construction. Featured products include TSX Series, Forma™, and Revco™.

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Popular ultra low–temperature freezers
Forma 900 Series –86°C Upright Ultra Low–Temperature Freezers
TSX Series Ultra-Low Freezers
Revco UxF −86°C Upright Ultra Low–Temperature Freezers
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Get uncompromised sample protection for –86°C temperature applications with Thermo Scientific Revco™ CxF chest freezers, which are available in four different capacity options.

Revco CxF Series −86°C Ultra Low−Temperature Chest Freezers
HERAfreeze Ultra Low–Temperature Freezers

Available in single or double door models, these freezers are designed for daily sample protection and dependability.

These freezers achieve outstanding thermal performance, safety, and security through state-of-the-art engineering.

Revco Ultra Low–Temperature Freezers

These freezers feature state-of-the-art refrigeration, rugged construction, and easy-to-use microprocessor controls for –10°C to –40°C applications.

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