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Set the standard for quality and superior performance while protecting your valuable research with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ and Nunc™ plasticware, and Thermo Scientific™ Manual and Electronic Pipetting Systems: serving your lab with pipettes, tips, bottles, carboys, beakers, centrifuge tubes, funnels, jugs, jars, and a wide range of additional products designed to advance science and your research in the lab every day.

The smartest laboratory solutions are the ones you never have to think about. Because they keep you focused on doing the science you need to do. The way you want to do it. In the smart lab, you have the full range of labware you need to achieve your goals, and deliver breakthrough discoveries that save and improve lives.

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Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ filtration products have you covered, even with the most difficult-to-filter fluids. Find sterile, disposable filter units and bottletop filters, syringe filters, and QC filters for microbial testing—all engineered for reliability, efficiency, and flexibility for your research and testing.

Made with the highest quality resins, Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ bottles and closures are engineered to work together. Our bottles offer a leakproof guarantee because we manufacture and test both components together as part of our routine quality program.

Less likely to break or shatter than glass, our high-quality Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ labware for general use includes stir bars, rods, cylinders, burets, flasks, funnels, beakers, and hundreds of additional products.

Keep your lab organized and your staff safe with our full range of safety and organization products. From bench protectors and lab notebooks to splash shields and waste disposal devices, we'll help you stay clean and neat.

Collect, dispense and store a wide range of lab solutions. Available in many materials and configurations, these large-volume lab containers offer convenience, strength and leak resistance.

Choose from a large selection of tubes and vials to match your application and requirements. Improve rotor fit and performance using Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ centrifuge tubes, featuring uniform wall thickness and diameter.

Our lab-grade tubing products are made from the highest quality resins for the best performance in your lab. Available in a wide range of materials, sizes, wall thicknesses, and lengths.

Rely on our heavy-duty vacuum equipment for your lab vacuum requirements.

Meet the demands of daily pipetting with manual and electronic pipettes and tip systems for consistent, reproducible results.

Designed with your cell culture process in mind, Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ plates, dishes, and flasks help deliver consistent, repeatable results for your cell-based research. Find a variety of options to address the requirements of your application and cell type.

Offering all the containers you need, from certified clean containers to unassembled containers and caps ready for your own preparation procedures.

Achieve reproducible results across every stage of cell culture. Find an extensive collection of cell culture plasticware, spanning a variety of formats, sizes, and surfaces. 

96-well plates, 384-well plates, strip tubes, caps and seals, single tubes, adhesive films, and more.

Our variety of slides and specialty glass includes adhesion slides, microslides, beveled microslides, positively charged slides, and others.

Polypropylene storage plates are an economical and dependable choice for low binding assays and storage of genomic samples and cells. Plate sealers secure samples with a reliable seal and prevent contamination or evaporation.

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