Pipette Tips

Accurate and precise liquid measurement is critical to the success of your research and selecting the right pipette tip for your pipette will improve performance and your results.

We make it easy to find and select the pipette tips you need to deliver consistency and reliability every time you pipette, for whatever pipette you are using. 

Choose the tips that are right for you
ART barrier tips
  • Self-sealing barrier completely prevents pipette and sample contamination
  • Universal fit tips for virtually any brand of pipette
Finntip, Finntip Flex Tips
  • Engineered for optimal performance with Finnpipettes
  • Secure seal with pipette
ClipTip Tips
  • Interlocking technology for secure seal that won’t loosen or fall off
  • Minimal attachment and ejection forces

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been providing innovative liquid handling solutions to laboratories like yours for decades. Rely on our expertise and innovation for all your pipetting needs.

Find the pipette tips with the features you need

  ART Universal Finntip Finntip Flex  ClipTip
Lower attachment
and ejection forces
System tip provides optimal performance with companion pipette  

Universal fit for most
brands of pipettes
Self-sealing barrier for 100% contamination prevention      
Color-coded volume identification
Eco-friendly packaging options
384-format available    

Pipette and pipette tips compatibility

  ART Universal Finntip Finntip Flex  ClipTip
Finnpipette F1 and
Finnpipette F2
Finnpipette Novus  
Gilson™ pipettes      
Eppendorf™ pipettes      
Rainin™ Classic pipettes      
Other pipette brands      
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GLP guide

A comprehensive Good Laboratory Pipetting (GLP) guide to help you achieve better results by providing tips on advancing your skills.

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