Thermo Scientific 48, 96 and 384 well polypropylene storage microplates and deepwell plates are an economical and reliable solution for sample storage, high-throughput screening and low-binding assays in drug discovery, molecular biology and genomic applications. They are made with virgin medical grade polypropylene resin to reduce extractables and leachables interacting with samples. 

Thermo Scientific Abgene polypropylene storage plates are Class 8 clean room manufactured and human DNA free to ensure the absence of contamination for molecular biology applications. Thermo Scientific Nunc storage plates have over 40 years of quality in plastics manufacturing, offering one of the highest sterility assurance levels in the industry for cell-based applications (SAL 10-6). 

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Key Features to Select the Best Storage Plate Solution

In order to select the best storage plate for your application, consider the following: equipment compatibility, volume of your sample and application-specific requirements. 


Depends on application, throughput and automation
  • 48-well
  • 96-well
  • 384-well

Well Shape

  • Wide range of sealing options
  • Ideal for sample mixing
  • Maximizes volume

Well Bottom

  • Ideal for easy mixing
V-Conical, pyramidal bottom
  • Improves sample recovery and decreases dead volume
  • Virtually eliminates dead volume in tubes during liquid handling

Square Well

U Bottom

Square Well


Square Well


Round Well

U Bottom

Round Well

Round Well


Selection Tool

Need assistance selecting the best plate, seal or plate sealer?
Use our comprehensive tool to help you select the plates that works in your lab.

 Storage Plates Selection Guide

Plate sealing at your fingertips

Plate sealing is important for researchers who wish to protect plate contents either temporarily, or longer term, to avoid contamination and/or evaporation. Manual workflows benefit from adhesive seals that can be applied quickly over the surface of the plate. Other short-term options are cap mats or polystyrene lids to protect the well contents.

Plate sealers

Heat sealing provides an extra level of security over sticky adhesives and cap mats due to the uniformity of sealing.

Heat seals are adhered using one single application of heat. ABgene Storage Plates were designed with a raised rim around each well that enables bonding of the seal to the well, as well as an extremely flat surface to ensure a consistent seal across the entire surface of the plate. Our range of heat seals offers many material options including pierceable, clear, and very strong seals. 

Choose from our range of heat sealing equipment:

  ALPS 3000 Automated
Microplate Heat Sealer
ALPS  50 V-Manual
Heat Sealer
ALPS 30 Manual
Heat Sealer
Seals Plates X X X X
Adhesive Seals       X
Heat Seals X X X  
Cap Mats       X
Individual Sheets   X X X
Rolls X      
Touch Screen Control X      
Programable Temperature X X    
Programmable Timer X      
Automation Compatible X      

Virtual Demo and Installation Instructions

ALPS 3000 Automated Microplate Heat Sealer 

ALPS 50 V-Manual Heat Sealer 

Super Sealer

ABgene and Nunc Storage Plates

Bring the power of barcoding to your process

Custom barcodes are available for ABgene and Nunc Storage Plates to enhance tracking of samples and groups of samples.

Custom barcoding for Nunc plates
  • Choose from 5 code types to best meet your application needs
  • Select your label location–apply to one or more plate sides
  • No repeats–guaranteed
  • Human-readable option, including positions and highlight color
  • Sequences archived for data management
Request custom barcoding at:

Custom barcoding for ABgene plates
  • Choose from three codes: Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, with flexible human-readable code position
  • Label sizes customizable according to requirements
  • Barcode density range of dimensions available
  • Choose either long side or short side for barcode
  • 1,000 plate minimum orders (smaller quantities may be possible, but are subject to an order fee)
Please contact your sales rep for details on ordering.