Contract Laboratory Services for Real-Time PCR

Expedite your project—leverage our expert technical team to deliver high-quality results quickly and efficiently

Scaling resources quickly is often a challenge: you have deadlines to meet and you need high-quality data. Our Custom Laboratory Services Team is expert in a wide range of molecular biology applications from real-time PCR to next-generation sequencing. We can help you complete your projects and studies quickly and efficiently at the level of quality expected by pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical, and other commercial customers. Outsource your work in complete confidence. 

Typical projects we support:

  • Biomarker validation and screening
  • Discovery research support
  • Method validation
  • Pilot studies for technology/platform assessment
  • Control assay design and validation
  • External validation

Contact us and we will provide a detailed quote to help you accelerate your work.

Applications supported: qPCR (gene expression, SNP, CNV, miRNA) and NGS

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