Custom Assay Design Services

Custom TaqMan® Assays designed for optimal performance

Designing optimized TaqMan® probes and primers can be time-consuming and may require multiple iterations. We provide millions of predesigned assays for a range of applications and a suite of tools to help you design a standard TaqMan® Assay (see side bar). For more complex designs, let our expert Bioinformatics team design an assay that will provide optimal results.

Examples of designs supported:
  • Assay design for just about any species
  • A choice of dyes and quenchers
  • Degenerate sequence primers
  • Assays with extra primers or probes (e.g., detection of different strains of virus with one assay)
  • Multiplex assay design
Assay design considerations include:
  • Identification of splice sites and SNPs in the target sequence
  • Mapping of the probes and primers to the current transcript and/or genomic database
  • Species cross-reactivity check
  • Identification of potential probe and primer interactions
  • Selection of the best probe and primer candidates

Assay design services are available for the following applications: gene expression, SNP genotyping, copy number variation, miRNA, somatic mutation using castPCR™ technology, and multiplex PCR.

Custom assay performance validation services are also available through our Custom Laboratory Services.

We also offer a host of tools to support the design of standard TaqMan® Assays (2 primers and 1 or 2 probes):