Real-time PCR

Real-time PCR (also known as quantitative PCR or qPCR) is the simultaneous amplification and detection/quantification of nucleic acids using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). qPCR is a versatile technique and a powerful tool to support your research applications. Find optimized real-time PCR master mixes, reagents, and kits to power your experiments here.

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Chemistry Application Recommended product Alternative product
TaqMan® Gene expression TaqMan® Fast Advanced Master Mix for performance TaqMan® Universal Master Mix II for cost or publishing power
Genotyping TaqMan® Genotyping Master Mix for performance TaqMan® GTXpress™ Master Mix for crude lysates
SYBR® Gene expression PowerUp SYBR® Green Master Mix for performance Power SYBR® Green Master Mix for publishing power
1-Step Gene expression/ Pathogen detection TaqMan® Fast Virus Master Mix for performance RNA-to-Ct™ 1-Step Kit for chemistry flexibility
  Good results for gene expression Optimized for broad qPCR applications Convenient and fast
Starting template DNADNARNA
ApplicationsGene expression
DNA quantitation (pathogen detection)
Gene expression
DNA quantitation
SNP genotyping
microRNA & small RNAs
Copy number variation
Pathway analysis
Mutation detection
Protein analysis
Virus detection and quantification
High-throughput gene expression
High-throughput screening
RNA quantification
Primer design requiredyes  
RT required,
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TaqMan® PreAmp Master Mix for Gene Expression
Using rare or precious samples or samples with low genomic content samples
Product bulletin: TaqMan® PreAmp Master Mix Kit
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High-resolution melting
Post-PCR analysis to detect sequence variations using specialized dyes and dissociation programs
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With Sample-to-Answer Kits, crude sample lysates can be used directly in real-time PCR or one-step RT-PCR. No nucleic acid purification is required:

Simple and easy! To identify the optimized Applied Biosystems™ or Invitrogen™ real-time PCR reagent that’s right for you, find your desired application, detection chemistry, format and running mode.

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