TaqMan® Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix is designed for reliable, high-sensitivity real-time RT-PCR even in the presence of common reaction inhibitors. The features of the kit have been selected to enhance virus detection on commonly used sample types. A single-tube format allows for uniform handling and processing for both RNA and DNA viruses.

  • High sensitivity—one-tube, one-step 4X master mix to amplify both RNA and DNA with high sensitivity
  • Consistent results—formulated to handle common RT-PCR inhibitors found in blood, stool, and other difficult samples
  • Simplified application—single run profile with RNA and DNA, and on any supported instrument, which allows for easy mix-and-match of targets on a plate
  • Target flexibility—works in singleplex, multiplex, and with exogenous or endogenous internal controls
  • High efficiency—increased qRT-PCR speed on fast and on standard instruments

High Sensitivity
Many common research samples with viral nucleic acids have very low levels of target. We have optimized the master mix for high-sensitivity detection of viral targets. The higher-concentration master mix allows you to set up smaller reactions, which means that you can perform Fast cycling protocols and obtain at least the same sensitivity as is expected from standard-cycling qPCR. Alternatively, larger sample input amounts can be added to standard reaction volumes for more accurate quantification of low-titer samples.

Consistent Results in the Presence of Inhibitors
Research samples commonly assayed for viruses include blood, dirt, and tissues. Buffer components and proprietary additives in TaqMan® Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix have been optimized to handle RT-PCR inhibitors to help ensure consistent performance even with these difficult samples, so that you can be more confident in your results.

Flexibility in Targets
It is common for labs to test for both RNA and DNA viruses in a variety of samples. To simplify your experiments, a single TaqMan® Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix protocol can assay both types of nucleic acid, so you can perform RNA and DNA virus queries next to each other on the same plate using the same handling steps. Additionally, because virus research often includes multiplexed primers and probes and internal reaction controls, we have optimized the master mix to work with multiple target amplicons.

Fast Results
The TaqMan® Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix helps speed your time to results and maximizes the use of your real-time PCR instruments with a Fast protocol. The high-concentration formulation allows for more target nucleic acid sample to be added in the smaller reaction volumes required to run Fast protocols. This enables you to maintain sensitivity with low-titer research samples while improving speed and throughput.

This master mix provides a reliable and efficient reagent for real-time RT-PCR of virus samples that does not sacrifice accuracy. Its robust performance in the presence of common RT-PCR inhibitors and its convenient and flexible reaction setup helps you to have more confidence in your results.