TaqMan Real-Time PCR Master Mixes

TaqMan™ Master Mixes contain buffer, dNTPs, passive reference dye, thermostable hot-start DNA polymerase, and other components formulated for reliable TaqMan™ Assay-based real-time PCR. Just add your sample and TaqMan Assay, and start your reactions.

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Gene Expression (Standard mode) Gene Expression (Fast mode) Genotyping and copy number variation (CNV) (Fast and standard mode)
Price / 20 µL reaction $0.62–$0.79 $0.81–$0.95 $0.58–$0.85
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  TaqMan™ Gene Expression Master Mix TaqMan™ Fast Advanced Master Mix TaqPath™ ProAmp™ Master Mix (GPR*)
Application examples Gene expression for mRNA Gene expression for mRNA & small RNA SNP genotyping, mutation detection, crude lysate samples, and CNV
Cycling/run time 1:20 0:40 0:50 (fast) / 1:20 (standard)
UDG to prevent DNA carryover contamination Heat-labile UDG to prevent carryover contamination
ROX reference dye to normalize signal & ensure data integrity
Universal cycling for assay to assay consistency
Benchtop stability 24 hr 72 hr 72 hr
Tolerant to PCR inhibitors

While TaqMan Universal Master Mix II can be used for all applications, TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix has been specifically designed and will provide the best performance for genotyping applications (e.g., CNV, DME, and SNP).

* For laboratory use. General purpose reagent.

Other master mixes

TaqMan™ PreAmp Master Mix is designed to facilitate analysis of limited-quantity samples, including single cells. Use the mix to expand small amounts of cDNA by pre-amplification without introducing amplification bias to the sample. Pre-amplification enables you to stretch your precious sample for use in many more real-time PCR reactions than you could otherwise run.

TaqMan™ Environmental Master Mix 2.0 offers accurate, real-time PCR-based pathogen detection in the presence of high levels of inhibitors. Use this master mix to analyze environmental, food, and other challenging samples.

TaqMan™ Genotyping Master Mix is specifically formulated for detection of copy number, DME’s, and SNPs. Use this mix for the best performance for genotyping applications.

TaqMan™ Fast Environmental Master Mix Beads have been designed to match or exceed the performance of standard (not fast) real-time PCR master mixes, delivering shorter run times than these master mixes (<40 minutes in fast mode) with an easy-to-use, lyophilized bead format. These beads are available with or without a VIC™ dye-labeled internal positive control (IPC).

For testing of Food and Environmental samples only.