Selecting the correct reverse transcriptase (RT) for cDNA synthesis is critical to obtaining high yields of high-quality, full-length cDNA. We offer a range of stand-alone reverse transcriptases, optimized to generate cDNA for a variety of research needs.

Which stand-alone reverse transcriptase is right for you?

Value RT for commonly used RNA templates Effective & versatile RT for wide range of RNA templates Most effective RT for all RNAs, including difficult templates
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SuperScript® III
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SuperScript® IV
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Optimal reaction temperature 37°C 50°C 50–55°C
Speed 60 min 50 min 10 min
Sensitivity Low High Up to 12.3 kb
cDNA yield Low High Superior
Max cDNA length Up to 7 kb Up to 12 kb Up to 20 kb
Resistance to reaction inhibitors Poor Good High
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