Successful RT-PCR of Difficult RNA Templates
ThermoScript™ is an avian reverse transcriptase (RT) designed for high performance with difficult RNA templates. The enzyme was derived from cloned avian myeloblastosis virus (AMV) with point mutations that reduce endogenous RNase H activity and provide increased thermal stability up to 70°C (Figure 1), longer cDNA transcripts, and higher cDNA yields. Combined with PCR enzymes, the ThermoScript™ RT-PCR Systems provide optimal first-strand cDNA synthesis followed by PCR in a convenient, reproducible process.

Product Formats

ThermoScript™ Reverse Transcriptase is available in a variety of formats:

Figure 1: High cDNA yields at elevated temperatures

cDNA was synthesized from total HeLa RNA with ThermoScript™ RT and oligo(dT) primers. 35 PCR cycles were performed with Platinum® Taq DNA polymerase and primers for a 532 bp phosphatase PP2A target. Yield was maintained as the temperature was increased.