Veriti Thermal Cycler

Proven reliability, improved usability

The Veriti™ Thermal Cycler delivers the proven reliability you expect from Applied Biosystems™ PCR instruments. The Veriti Thermal Cycler is now available with a faster processor, making it even easier to use for all of your PCR needs. Additionally, with the added control of VeriFlex™ Blocks, you have the option to have six independent temperature blocks providing precise control over your PCR optimization, supplying “better-than-gradient” functionality.

The powerful user interface, accessible via an enhanced color touch screen, is more responsive and simplifies the set up and use of the instrument. Optional setups for Fast or standard PCR methods provide you the flexibility to shorten your PCR cycling time. Additional developments in the screen contrast enrich the user experience. All of these improvements, with better energy consumption (20% reduction from previous version) make the Veriti Thermal Cycler a great choice for your PCR needs.

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Multiple temperature zones for PCR optimization

VeriFlex™ Blocks provide a better-than-gradient approach to PCR optimization. With six separate Peltier blocks, you have precise control over six temperature zones.

  • Highly accurate determination of optimal annealing temperature eliminates guesswork when using standard gradient (Figure 1)
  • Save time and run up to six reactions with different annealing temperatures in the same PCR run (Figure 2)
  • Use your thermal cycler as an incubator with six precise incubation temperatures

 Figure 1. Get linear gradient with Veriti Better than Gradient and not a non-linear curve.

Figure 2. (A) Screenshot from Veriti™ Thermal Cycler showing the annealing temperature being set for six different primers. (B) Six different annealing temperatures were set for each of the zones, with the annealing/extension step matching the length of the longest amplicon.

The Veriti Thermal Cycler's better-than-gradient feature

Watch and learn about the Veriti™ Thermal Cycler’s better-than-gradient feature in this fun stop-motion animated video using over 6,000 PCR tubes.

Control Veriti systems from anywhere and everywhere

Optional VeritiLink™ Remote Management Software (VRMS) allows you to manage and monitor over 50 networked Veriti™ Thermal Cyclers from your browser. With convenient features like real-time email updates, VRMS puts control at your fingertips.

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Get more control for your diagnostic applications

For researchers working in clinical and diagnostic labs, the Veriti™ Dx Thermal Cycler is the first endpoint PCR thermal cycler designated for in vitro diagnostic use. Get all the features and reliability of the standard Veriti™ Thermal Cycler, plus the confidence that you are using an FDA/CE-approved cycler.

  • Classified as US FDA Class I Medical Device for in vitro diagnostic use
  • Conforms to IVDD (98⁄79⁄EC) requirements and labeled in Europe with a CE-IVD mark
  • Manufactured to ISO 13485 and GMP requirements

The Veriti Dx Thermal Cycler—the first endpoint thermal cycler available for in vitro diagnostic use

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We provide award-winning service options for all Applied Biosystems™ thermal cyclers.

Service plans

  • Rapid Exchange minimizes interruptions from unplanned instrument downtime
  • Global Repair Center provides a cost-efficient way to maximize uptime and achieve superior performance

The Veriti Thermal Cycler is available in four formats:

  Veriti 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler Veriti 96-Well Thermal Cycler Veriti 384-Well Thermal Cycler Veriti 60-Well Thermal Cycler
Block Format 0.1 mL Alloy 0.2 mL Alloy 0.02 mL Aluminum 0.5 mL Aluminum
Features Fast 0.1 mL format and sample block provide enhanced performance and durability Standard 0.2 mL format and sample block. Enabled to run FAST chemistry Standard 0.02 mL format and sample block Handles reaction tubes for large volume reactions
Max Block Ramp Rate 5.00 ºC/Sec 3.9 ºC/Sec 3.7º C/Sec 3.3º C/Sec
Max Sample Ramp Rate* 4.25 ºC/Sec 3.35 ºC/Sec 3.1º C/Sec 2.7º C/Sec
Enabled to run FAST Chemistry Yes Yes No No
Temperature Accuracy ±0.25 ºC (35 ºC – 99.9 ºC)
Temperature Range 0ºC to 100.0ºC
Temperature Uniformity <0.5 ºC (20 sec after reaching 95 ºC)
Dimensions Height: 24.5cm (9.6 in.) Width: 23.7 cm (9.3 in.) Depth: 48.5 cm (19.1 in.)
Weight 11.4 kg (25 lb)
PCR Volume Range 10-30 µL 10-80 µL 5-20 μL 25-100 μL
Instrument Memory USB and On-board
Display Interface 6.5” VGA 32k color with Touch Screen
Tm Calculator Menu driven through touch screen
Power 100-240V, 50-60Hz Max: 800 VA
VeriFlex™ Blocks 25 °C (5 °C Zone-to-Zone) 25 °C (5 °C Zone-to-Zone) N/A N/A

*For information about how Ramp rates are calculated, click here

Applied Biosystems PCR plastics

Applied Biosystems plastics consumables offer excellent PCR or qPCR performance in formats developed to meet your experimental needs. All of our plastics consumables are validated with Applied Biosystems instruments for optimal fit and performance. Consistent, precise results.

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Veriti™ Firmware Update

Discover new Veriti™ Thermal Cycler protocols with firmware upgrade