Rapid protein gel staining and background destaining at your fingertips

The Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Power Stainer enables rapid (6–11 minute) Coomassie dye staining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels, including the removal of unbound stain, in a single step. The small, easy-to-use device consists of the Pierce™ Power Station and Pierce™ Power Stain Cassette, which accommodates up to two mini gels or one midi gel at a time. The staining procedure is designed exclusively for use with Pierce™ Power Staining Kits.

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Rapid and efficient protein staining and destaining at your fingertips

The Pierce™ Power Stainer consists of two Thermo Scientific Pierce components:

  • Power Station—features an integrated power supply, easy-to-use color LCD touch screen interface, and ready-to-run electrophoretic gel staining and protein transfer programs; also enables custom settings to be quickly created, saved and run
  • Power Stain Cassette—facilitates effective Coomassie dye staining (including background destaining) of protein midi or mini gels in just 6–11 minutes when used with the optimized Pierce Power Staining Kits

Video of the Pierce Power Stainer in action

Features of the Pierce Power Stainer

  • Fast—Coomassie dye staining and destaining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels typically in just 6–11 minutes (less than 20 minutes total protocol time)
  • Integrated power supply—optimized to enable efficient staining equivalent to, or better than, traditional Coomassie dye staining techniques
  • Convenient—simultaneous staining and destaining of 1 to 2 mini gels or 1 midi gel
  • Optimized accessories—gel pads included in the Pierce Power Staining Kits enable uniform staining and minimize blotchy background staining
  • Easy to use—intuitive color LCD touch screen interface and preprogrammed staining methods; software includes “learn as you run” tutorials
  • Cost-effective—cost of consumables is comparable to other solution-based staining
  • Flexible—works with precast and homemade SDS-PAGE gels
  • Upgrade-ready—adding the Pierce™ Power Blot Cassette activates the preloaded software, making this unit a fully functional Pierce™ Power System with blotting and gel staining capabilities

Rapid, high-performance protein gel staining and destaining

The Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Power Stainer saves time and maintains sensitivity. Three 4–20% Tris-glycine mini gels were loaded and run with samples of purified bovine serum albumin, and their staining protocols were compared for time. (A) Gel was stained using the Pierce Power Stainer and the Pierce Mini Gel Power Staining Kit. (B) Gel was stained using a do-it-yourself Coomassie R250 staining protocol. (Stain: 45% methanol, 10% acetic acid, 0.25% R-250 Coomassie; Destain: 30% ethanol, 5% acetic acid.) (C) Another gel was stained with Thermo Scientific™ Imperial™ Protein Stain according to the product instructions.

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