Tricine protein gels

The Invitrogen Novex Tricine Gel System is a modification of the traditional tris-glycine gel system that uses a discontinuous buffer system specifically designed for the resolution of low molecular weight proteins.

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Invitrogen Novex Tricine Protein Gels provide separation of low molecular weight proteins and peptides. The Novex Tricine Gel System is a modification of the tris-glycine discontinuous buffer system developed by Schaegger and von Jagow (Schaegger and von Jagow, 1987), specifically designed for resolving peptides and low molecular weight proteins. In this system the tricine replaces the glycine in the running buffer, resulting in more efficient stacking and de-stacking of low molecular weight proteins and higher resolution of smaller peptides.

Features of Novex Tricine Protein Gels include:

  • Increased resolution of proteins with molecular weights as low as 2 kDa
  • Improved compatibility with direct sequencing of proteins after transferring to PVDF
  • Minimized protein modificationdue to the lower pH of the tricine buffering system

How tricine gels work

In the traditional tris-glycine protein gel system, the resolution of smaller proteins (<10 kDa) is hindered by the continuous accumulation of free dodecyl sulfate (DS) ions from the SDS sample and running buffers in the stacking gel, which causes mixing of the DS ions with smaller proteins and results in fuzzy bands and decreased resolution. The mixing also interferes with the fixing and staining of smaller proteins. The Novex Tricine Gel System uses a low pH in the gel buffer and substitutes tricine for glycine in the running buffer. The smaller proteins and peptides that migrate with the stacked DS ions in the tris-glycine gel system are well separated from DS ions in the Novex Tricine Gel System, offering sharper bands and higher resolution.

Available gel sizes Mini: 8 cm x 8 cm (1 mm thick) 
Storage conditions 2–8°C
Shelf life 1–2 months
Recommended sample buffer Tricine SDS sample buffer
Recommended running buffers Tricine SDS running buffer
Gel chemistry Tricine
Available polyacrylamide concentrations 10%, 16%, 10-20%
Separation range 2–20 kDa
For use with (equipment) mini gels Mini Gel Tank or XCell SureLock Mini-Cell
Mode of separation Molecular weight
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Visistat reference component