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The Silencer® Select siRNAs are classic 21-mers which incorporate the latest improvements in siRNA design, off-target effect prediction algorithms, and chemistry. A choice of Silencer® Select siRNAs are available—Pre-Designed or Validated. Silencer® Select Pre-Designed siRNAs are guaranteed-to-silence based on their proven design while the Silencer® Select Validated siRNAs are functionally tested to reduce target gene expression. Sets of Silencer® Select siRNA Libraries are also available in tubes or plate for high throughput screening. The Silencer® Select Positive and Negative Control RNAs should be included in every siRNA experiment.

The benefits of using Silencer® Select siRNAs include:

  • Potent—up to 100-fold more potent than currently available siRNAs and fewer off-target effects
  • Most Specific—LNA® chemical modifications reduce off-target effects by up to 90%
  • Reliable—demonstrated improvements in consistency and reliability of phenotypic results
  • Guaranteed—100% guaranteed to silence, the best guarantee in the industry
Note: Silencer® Pre-Designed & Validated siRNAs are designed using our first-generation algorithm and DO NOT include any chemical modifications. They are recommended for completing in vitro RNAi studies that were started using Silencer® siRNAs. For new studies we recommend Silencer Select siRNAs.


Approximate Turnaround Times*
Standard purification: 4 business days
HPLC purification: 6 business days (20 and 40 nmol); 15 business days (250 nmol)
In Vivo Ready: 15 business days (250 nmol)

Catalog # Pre-designed/Validated Purification Size
4390817 Pre-designed HPLC purified 20 nmol
4390818 Pre-designed HPLC purified 40 nmol
4404014 Pre-designed HPLC purified 250 nmol
4404010 Pre-designed In Vivo Ready 250 nmol
4390815 Pre-designed non-inventoried Standard purity 20 nmol
4390771 Pre-designed non-inventoried Standard purity 5 nmol
4390816 Pre-designed non-inventoried Standard purity 40 nmol
4392420 Pre-designed Standard purity 5 nmol
4392421 Pre-designed Standard purity 20 nmol
4392422 Pre-designed Standard purity 40 nmol
4427037 Pre-designed Standard purity 1 nmol
4390821 Validated HPLC purified 20 nmol
4390822 Validated HPLC purified 40 nmol
4407270 Validated HPLC purified 250 nmol
4407267 Validated In Vivo Ready 250 nmol
4390824 Validated Standard purity 5 nmol
4390825 Validated Standard purity 20 nmol
4390826 Validated Standard purity 40 nmol
4427038 Validated Standard purity 1 nmol
*Estimated time from order confirmation to ship date from Austin, TX for orders confirmed by 2 pm CST. Does not include time required for shipping (typically overnight for US and Canada deliveries, 2 days for Europe, 2-3 days elsewhere).