Simplified sequencing for challenging disease agents such as influenza A.

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Read about complete influenza A genome sequencing on the Ion PGMnext-generation sequencer.

Influenza A typing workflow

Complete influenza A genome sequencing in about a day from RNA through sequencing.

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See how the PathAmp™ Flue A reagents were used on the Ion PGM™ System to detect Influenza A subtypes.

Influenza A typing on the Ion PGM System

A major challenge for microbiologists and virologists is the prediction of patterns of evolution and emergence of disease agents. RNA viruses like influenza A share the biological feature of high genetic variability, which causes them to appear as clouds of mutants. Influenza A variants also emerge through antigenic shift within animal reservoirs, such as pigs and birds. The World Health Organization estimates that seasonal influenza A is responsible for epidemics that cause approximately three to five million cases of severe illness, and 250,000 to 300,000 deaths annually.

Ion semiconductor sequencing has been paired with PathAmp™ FluA reagents to provide a streamlined workflow for complete influenza A genome sequencing. PathAmp™ FluA reagents are a set of highly specific, universal influenza primers combined with a high-fidelity master mix for the amplification of all eight influenza A genomic segments in a single tube. The reaction produces DNA amplicons which can then be used for Ion PGM™ System sequencing to deliver highly accurate influenza A typing in under a day. As a result, it enables more effective influenza surveillance, helps refine the selection of vaccine strains, and improves predictions of future antigenic characteristics.

Viral typing research workflow