Simple data analysis and storage solutions

Torrent Suite™ software and hardware provide customizable, automated data analysis and storage solutions.

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Torrent Suite™ Software and Torrent Server

Whether you are new to next-generation sequencing or an expert user, Torrent Suite™ Software makes it easy to get started sequencing on the Ion S5™, Ion S5™ XL, Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ systems.

  • Easy-to-use software, preinstalled on the Torrent Server for automated sequencing data analysis,  for the Ion S5™, Ion S5™ XL, Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ systems
  • Intuitive, web-based interface through the Torrent Browser makes it fast and easy to plan, monitor, and view sequencing run results
  • Optimized for Ion Torrent™ raw data analysis, alignments, and variant calling using the Torrent Variant Caller plug-in
  • Expanded capabilities with Ion Torrent™ validated and community-developed plug-ins available through the Ion Community
  • Seamless integration with Ion Reporter™ Software, the Ion Reporter™ Server, and the Torrent Suite™ Storage System
1 Plan
pre-designed templates

Create a run plan and download directly to the sequencer.

Input your sequencing run information, including run details, sample IDs, and automated data analysis preferences to easily track and organize your data.

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2 Monitor
Monitor sequencing

Monitor key sequencing metrics in real time

Watch your run progress in real time and monitor key metrics to help evaluate the status of the run.

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3 Data
Run Sequence for RNA Sequencing

View run statistics and data analysis results.

View run results in a standard report format with easy-to-read graphics and key performance metrics.

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4 Export
auto export data

Export data in industry standard formats.

Easily export your data to the Ion Torrent Suite™ Storage System, Ion Reporter™ Software, or third party software using plug-ins.

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Torrent Suite™ Storage Devices

High- throughput next-generation sequencing can be fast and cost effective, but the rate of data generation often outgrows the original storage system. The Ion Torrent Storage™ 20T and 40T devices, developed in collaboration with Dell, connect directly to the Torrent Server for quick storage and retrieval of sequencing data and results.

  • Fast and easy data retrieval—locally store and organize your sequencing data on-site
  • Scalable solutions—customize a storage solution with two size options and the ability to link units together to expand storage as needed
  • Dependable data storage—store valuable sequencing data with individual disk failure tolerance to prevent data loss

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Ion Torrent Storage™ 20T and 40T devices

Ion Torrent Storage™ devices: easy-to-use, rapid
storage solutions for your sequencing data
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*On-site installation and configuration by a field service engineer and web-based training by a field bioinformatics specialist are included in the price to help ensure proper configuration.