Transform your research with ready-to-use, custom, and community panels


10 ng of DNA per pool
PCR-based target selection


Up to 6,144 primers per pool
One to hundreds of genes
96 barcodes for multiplexing


Single-day from DNA to results
2 hours to design custom panels
3.5 hours target selection & library preparation

The most comprehensive gene coverage with the least amount of DNA

Ion AmpliSeq™ technology delivers simple and fast library construction for affordable targeted sequencing of specific genes or genomic regions. Based on ultrahigh-multiplex PCR, Ion AmpliSeq™ technology requires as little as 10 ng of input DNA to target sets of genes, making sequencing of FFPE samples routine on Ion PGM™ Systems.

Alternative target selection methods are lengthy and complex and require large amounts of DNA, making them impractical for sequencing DNA from the formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues that are commonly used in translational and clinical research. Using just 10 ng of FFPE DNA and one pool of 6,144 primer pairs, variants can be identified in a single day using the Ion AmpliSeq™ Custom workflow. By contrast, the same project using alternative workflows requires 100 times as much DNA, 8 times the pools, and twice the time.

Choose among a wide variety of Ion AmpliSeq™ Panels to transform your research:

Ion AmpliSeq™ Ready-to-Use Panels
The convenient pre-designed Ion AmpliSeq™ Ready-to-Use Panels offer extensive gene coverage for cancer and inherited diseases and allow researchers to focus on data generation and analysis, not on the labor-intensive primer design and target selection steps.

Ion AmpliSeq™ Custom Panels
For maximum flexibility, simply select a subset of the targets and enter your specific genomic content online using Ion AmpliSeq™ Designer and we will design and create customized Ion AmpliSeq™ Panels just for you. Choose from a number of reference genomes or upload your own reference sequence.

Ion AmpliSeq™ Community Panels
Designed with leading disease researchers, Ion AmpliSeq™ Community Panels provide the ability to selectively analyze gene content as well as the possibility to customize any pre-designed community panel to meet your specific research needs.

Ion AmpliSeq™ single-day workflow

1 Construct Library
ampliseq primer pool
2 Prepare Template
Ion OneTouch 2 System
3 Run
5 Annotate Results
  1. Construct libraries using the Ion AmpliSeq™ Panels, Ion AmpliSeq™ Library Kit, Ion Xpress™ Barcodes if multiplexing, and 10 ng of your DNA sample per pool.
  2. Transfer the libraries to the Ion OneTouch™ System for fast and automated template preparation.
  3. Sequence libraries on the Ion PGM™ Sequencer in just 1.5-4.5 hours. Complete automation options allow the three final steps—run sequence, analyze data and annotate results—to be completed hands-free and initiated at the end of the work day.
  4. Perform automated data analysis with Torrent Suite Software.
  5. Annotate and analyze detected variants using Ion Reporter™ Software automated analysis.

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