Applied Biosystems® Genetic Analysis systems are the trusted standard for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis - proven through decades of results, including sequencing of the first human genome and the discovery of genes implicated in diseases like cystic fibrosis. Explore applications, instrumentation, reagents, consumables, and analysis software designed to respond to the unlimited potential of scientific query.

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Sanger sequencing technology & applications

Applied Biosystems® genetic analyzers for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis applications feature proven capillary electrophoresis technology and utilize our high-quality capillaries, polymers, and BigDye Terminator chemistry.

With industry-leading performance and gold-standard accuracy, Sanger sequencing with Applied Biosystems® genetic analyzers serve as your trusted partner for confirming NGS results.

Sanger sequencing is the gold-standard DNA sequencing method that powered the Human Genome Project and continues to generate highly accurate, reliable sequencing data. Learn more about the Sanger sequencing method here.

We provide optimized, streamlined kits to prepare samples for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis applications on Applied Biosystems® Genetic Analyzers. Learn more about Sanger sequencing kits and reagents here.

Sanger sequencing products


Sanger sequencing tools

Sanger sequencing tools

Fragment analysis tools

Fragment analysis tools

Primer Designer Tool

This fully automated online resource lets you quickly search for, configure and order primers for the Sanger confirmation step of your NGS workflow.  The database consists of ~650,000 pre-designed primer pairs for re-sequencing the human exome and human mitochondrial genome.

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