We provide optimized, streamlined kits to help you prepare samples for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis applications on Applied Biosystems™ Genetic Analyzers, as well as a comprehensive selection of standards, capillaries, polymers, and other accessories for your genetic analyzer.

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We continue to develop superior Sanger sequencing kits that help provide solutions for all your applications and templates. Click on the links below to order sequencing kits.
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Finding sequencing primers is simple and fast with our new Primer Designer™ tool for Sanger sequencing, containing >300,000 predesigned primer pairs for PCR and sequencing.
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To design your own custom primers for PCR and Sanger sequencing, use the Oligo Perfect™ Designer.

PCR and Sequencing Primers

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Which Sequencing Reaction Cleanup Product Is Right for You?

Cleanup Method Description & Application Product
Reagent-Based Sequencing Template Cleanup Scavenges all unincorporated BigDye® terminators. Stabilizes samples before analysis. Best for long and short fragment recovery.

BigDye® XTerminator™ Purification Kit

Gel Filtration Spin Columns Recovers DNA fragments larger than 16 base pairs. Removes > 98% of salts, NTP's and other unwanted low-molecular-weight impurities.

Centri-Sep™ 96-Well Plates

Centri-Sep™ 8-Well Strips

Centri-Sep™ Columns

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Fragment analysis techniques allow the development of multiple applications on the Genetic Analyzer. For an overview of the different applications visit the Fragment Analysis page.

We offer several kits for specific fragment analysis–based applications.

Fragment Analysis Kits

Kits and Reagents Applications Associated Reagents
SNaPshot® Multiplex System Genotyping, BAC fingerprint, Methylation analysis SNaPshot® primer focus kits, GeneScan™ 120 LIZ® Size Standard
AFLP® Analysis System Genome fingerprinting for microorganism or
Genome fingerprinting for Plant
Custom labeled primer Microsatellite, LOH, chimerism, ISSR analysis, SSCP, RFLP, TRFLP, MSMSA  

Fragment Analysis Size Standards

When DNA fragments are labeled with: Choose a size standards labeled with: Recommended Size Standard Possible Applications Other Kits and Products
dR110, dR6G, dTAMRA™, dROX (Dye Set DS-02 - Filter E5) LIZ®
Microsatellite, LOH, ISSR, Chimerism, ISSR, RFLP, T-RFLP, MSMSA
5-FAM™, HEX™, NED™ (Dye Set DS-30 - Filter D) ROX™ GeneScan™ 500 ROX™ Size Standard Custom Fragment Analysis Custom Labeled Primer
6-FAM™, VIC®, NED™ (Dye Set DS-31 - Filter D**) ROX™ GeneScan™ 500 ROX™ Size Standard

Custom Fragment Analysis

Custom Labeled Primer
5-FAM™, JOE, NED™ (Dye Set DS-32 - Filter F) ROX™ GeneScan™ 500 ROX™ Size Standard
Microsatellite (Forensic)
6-FAM™, VIC®, NED™, PET® (Dye Set DS-33 - Filter G5) LIZ® GeneScan™ 600 LIZ Size Standard v2.0
Microsatellite (Forensic)
Pathogen Detection
Custom Fragment Analysis


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