Life Technologies provides comprehensive sequencing kits and reagents developed specifically for each sequencing platform to enable the most efficient and effective sequencing results.

Sanger sequencing kits and reagents support PCR amplification of region(s) of interest, cycle sequencing, and reaction cleanup. Next-generation sequencing kits and reagents are available for target selection, library construction, and template preparation. Browse the sections below to learn more about sequencing kits and reagents to prepare samples for each of our sequencing platforms.

Featured sequencing kits & reagents

Ion AmpliSeq™ Fixed Panels
BigDye® Direct Cycle Sequencing Kit
Ion Total RNASeq Kit v2

Browse library construction, template preparation, and sequencing kits for your Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing applications on the Ion PGM™ System or Ion Proton™ System.

Browse kits and reagents for sample purification and enrichment, library generation and quantitation, sample barcoding, and sequencing using SOLiD® next-generation sequencing platforms.

Learn about our kits and reagents that have been optimized for Sanger sequencing workflows, including sample purification, predesigned primers for Sanger sequencing, PCR setup and clean-up kits, sequencing kits, and standards.

Solutions for sequencing reagents