Cell Therapy

The superior choice as you transition from the bench to the clinic

As you move your translational stem cell, tissue engineering, and immunotherapy research toward the clinic, your product selection, lab process, documentation, and quality assurance steps become more demanding. This collection of resources will help you gain a better understanding of cell therapy research, feel confident at every step, and maximize your time, effort, and outcomes.

Featured resources

CTS Mini-documentary series

In this 7-part series, hear from four experts with backgrounds in stem cell therapy and immunotherapy research, cell therapy manufacturing, and clinical development on their unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing the cell therapy industry.

Webinar: Thermo Fisher Scientific cell therapy capabilities

While cell therapies are moving towards commercialization, we are continuing to evolve our products, services, and capabilities to better support the scientific, quality, and regulatory demands of the industry. In this talk, we will discuss the ways in which Thermo Fisher Scientific is using its resources to create simpler, more effective, and efficient workflows in cell therapy applications. Click the thumbnail image to launch the webinar.

Webinar: Eliminate serum to gain control of T cell research—New T cell–defined serum replacement

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a product that is a fully defined serum replacement containing only human-derived or recombinant proteins, which can support expansion of T cells similar to human serum. Click the thumbnail image to launch the webinar.

Webinar: Improved T cell function and in vivo engraftment of CAR–T cells

In this session, see primary T cell data obtained ex vivo and in vivo that compares the performance of human AB serum to a xeno-free, defined serum-replacement supplement. Click the thumbnail image to launch the webinar.

Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) Products

The CTS™ product line is designed for use in cell therapy research applications and includes media, reagents, growth factors, enzymes, selection beads, and devices, which are manufactured in compliance with 21 CFR Part 820 Quality System Regulation and/or are certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Review the resources below to familiarize yourself with CTS products and get the support you need to successfully use them in your research.

Stem Cell Research Resource Library

Access our collection of scientific application notes, protocols, videos, webinars, publications, posters, and more for stem cell research.