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Researchers around the globe are performing truly inspiring science. This issue explores some inspiring research stories, solutions for success at the bench, and "scientainment" to benefit your life in the lab.

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Featured articles

Gene Expression Solutions That Give You Extra Confidence

Applied Biosystems TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays offer greater flexibility with formats that include TaqMan plates, array cards and OpenArray panels.

Scientists Performing Inspiring Science

Whether using cells as a model of disease, leveraging cells to make protein, or using cells as therapy, cell biologists inspire us. Scientists like Samantha Yammine and Caitlin Vander Weele are going beyond the bench for public outreach and using science as art.

Imagine the Beauty in Simplified Cell Analysis

Learn more about cell analysis solutions for improved high-content analysis (HCA), easier cell counting and how to achieve publication-quality images.

CRISPR Solutions Designed to Elevate Your Research

CRISPR-Cas9 is a groundbreaking technology that allows scientists to study gene function with increased ease and precision. In this article, read what scientists are saying about innovative research solutions using CRISPR.

The Ingenuity Behind Impactful Assays

Learn how Dr. Gerald B.W. Wertheim used QuantiGene Plex assays to measure DNA methylation patterns as an independent predictor of leukemia.