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Pricing - For Next-Day Service

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Synthesis scale Purification
Size of order Order cut-off time
Specifications Tube 25 nmol Desalted 1-20 oligos 1 p.m. EST


Next-Day delivery charges
Next-Day Service fee per order (1)

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Pricing - For Regular Service

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  Order Code 25 nmole 50 nmol 200 nmol 1 µmol 10 µmol
Synthesis Scale (price per base)
Purification Options (additional cost per oligo)

* 5’ Phosphate and Biotin are not available with HPLC at 50N scale.

  Order Code 25 nmole 50 nmol 200 nmol 1 µmol 10 µmol
Modified Bases (additional cost per modified base)
Mixed Bases (Wobble Bases)(var)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Phosphorothioates (S-oligos)(var)n/a$3.50$4.50$6.00$17.00


  Order Code 25 nmole 50 nmol 200 nmol 1 µmol 10 µmol
3' Modifications (additional cost per modified base)


  Order Code 25 nmole 50 nmol 200 nmol 1 µmol 10 µmol
5' Modifications (additional cost per modified base)
General Modifications
Amine® (Primary)AMN$10.00$10.00$15.00$75.00$275.00
Fluorescent Dye Modifications
ROX* ROX n/a n/a $122.00$177.00$456.00
TAMRA* TAM n/a n/a $110.00$153.00$408.00
Molecular Probes™ Dyes
Alexa Fluor 488* 488 n/a $180.00$235.00InquireInquire
Alexa Fluor 532* 532 n/a $180.00$235.00InquireInquire
Alexa Fluor 555* 555 n/a $180.00$235.00InquireInquire
Alexa Fluor 594* 594 n/a $180.00$235.00InquireInquire
Alexa Fluor 647* 647 n/a $180.00$235.00InquireInquire
Alexa Fluor 660* 660 n/a $180.00$235.00InquireInquire
Alexa Fluor 750* 750 n/a $180.00$235.00InquireInquire
BODIPY® FL* BDA n/a n/a$250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® 530/550* BDB n/a n/a$250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® 493/503* BDC n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® 558/569* BDE n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® 564/570* BDF n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® 576/589* BDG n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® 581/591* BDH n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® FL-X* BDI n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® TR-X* BDJ n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® TMR* BDK n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® R6G* BDL n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® R6G-X* BDM n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® 630/650-X* BDN n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
BODIPY® 650/665* BDP n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
CASCADE BLUE™ Dye* CSB n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
MARINA BLUE™ Dye* MNB n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
OREGON GREEN® 500* OGA n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
OREGON GREEN® 514* OGB n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
OREGON GREEN® 488* OGC n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
OREGON GREEN® 488-X* OGD n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
PACIFIC BLUE™ Dye* PFB n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
RHODAMINE GREEN™ Dye* RGA n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
RHODOL GREEN™ Dye* RGB n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
RHODAMINE GREEN™-X* RGC n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
RHODAMINE RED™-X* RRA n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00
TEXAS RED® TXR n/a n/a $106.00$153.00$408.00
TEXAS RED®-X* TRX n/a n/a $250.00$330.00$680.00

*Red highlighted dyes are HPLC purified.

Special Handling Features

For Plate Orders
Aliquoting, per oligo $0.26
100% QC, per oligo $0.25
Provide Remainders, per oligo $0.30
Pooling, per oligo pair to be pooled $0.25
Volume normalization Free
Concentration normalization Free
Volume and concentration normalization Free

* Oligos with these modifications (red colored text) will be HPLC purified.

A Shipping/handling charge of $12.50 per order will be applied.

For all inquiries, please e-mail us.