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SuperScript IV One-Step RT-PCR System—enabling faster, more efficient RT-PCR

The SuperScript IV One-Step RT-PCR System combines high-processivity Invitrogen SuperScript IV Reverse Transcriptase and high-fidelity Invitrogen Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase to provide superior one-step RT-PCR performance.

  • Two-phase hot-start activation mechanism—for high specificity, improved yields, and easy room-temperature setup
  • Superior sensitivity and speed—down to 0.01 pg of RNA, target length up to 13.8 kb, and the fastest one-step RT-PCR protocol
  • Reliable target detection—even in RNA samples with suboptimal purity
  • Fast and easy gDNA removal—for superior accuracy and confidence in your results

Platinum II Taq Hot-Start DNA Polymerase—PCR simplified with universal annealing

Platinum II Taq Hot-Start DNA Polymerase is an enzyme engineered to get you to your research destination, faster. A universal primer annealing feature reduces optimization and allows co-cycling of all assays.

  • Innovative buffer—enables universal annealing temperature by isostabilizing primer-template duplex structures
  • Engineered Taq DNA polymerase—allows fast cycling and successful amplification, even in the presence of inhibitors
  • Platinum hot-start technology—enables superior specificity, sensitivity, and yields; allows for room-temperature reaction setup

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