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pH and electrochemistry water analysis

Water analysis

Analyze the pH, conductivity, ion concentration and more in your sample with ease and accuracy.

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water purification and water quality

Water purification

Build the ultimate purification process with our complete line of water purification technologies.

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in-line and process water monitoring for water quality

Water quality monitoring

Technology that pairs incredible sensitivity with durability to give you enduring assurance in your measurements.

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Profound advancements have precise beginnings

Your results are only as good as your fundamentals and nothing is more fundamental than water. With a proven legacy of expertise and a strong product portfolio, we bring cohesive workflows and greater precision to your research so you have more bandwidth for what’s important.

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Knowledge Base: Certificates of Analysis and SDS for Orion, ROSS, AQUAfast, AquaMate, and AquaSensors products.