Gibco® PD-Direct® Services provides contract services leveraging the latest technologies and products from Life Technologies to solve cell line , media and process development challenges.  PD-Direct®  Bioprocess Services can be your reliable out sourcing partner to help expand your capabilities  and deliver on time exceptional results.

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Cell Line Development


We combine the best cell line development technologies from across the industry together with our in-depth knowledge to yield a high-quality production cell line to serve as the foundation for your product development for years to come. 

Cell Culture Media Development


PD-Direct® Services: The Media Development service you would expect from Gibco®.  Bringing you 50 years of expertise in media design and manufacturing.

We are developing the next generation of custom media with:

  • High throughput technologies
  • Multiple development strategies
  • High levels of success and reduced risk
  • Project execution that is collaborative, flexible, fast and on-time


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Spent Media Analysis


We offer spent media analysis for the measurement of amino acids, key water-soluble vitamins, glucose/lactose, trace elements, and other selected media compounds.  In addition to analytical characterization of your media, we can develop functional performance assays on custom media utilizing your cell line or an in-house surrogate


About PD-Direct® Bioprocess Services

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Bioproduction Resources

Have questions about Gibco® media, POROS® chromatography resins, Applied Biosystems® SEQ rapid contaminant tests, or our Cell Therapy products?  Click below to access product brochures, training videos, mobile apps, and more.


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