In partnering with Invitrogen for your process development needs, you gain access to our unparalleled network of the latest technologies.

Invitrogen has the unique ability to offer a select suite of the best process development technologies from across the industry together with our in-depth knowledge to provide you with reliable process development solutions.  You also enjoy access to many proprietary cell lines and their components for optimal cell line and vector development.


SimCell™ Process Optimization and Platform Creation

SimCell™ enables PD-Direct® scientists to better engineer cell culture media and enhance process performance by making it high-powered, as well as faster and more scalable than traditional benchtop approaches.


Revolution® Cell Engineering

Revolution® is a proprietary process that exploits the occurrence of random mutations to develop cell lines with enhanced phenotypes or biomolecules with improved properties.


ClonePix FL Rapid Clone Screening

ClonePix FL is an automated technology for quantitatively selecting clones with the highest expression levels.


OptiCHO™ Media, Feeds, and Cell Line Development Kits

The GIBCO® OptiCHO™ products - including CD OptiCHO™ Medium, CHO CD EfficientFeed™, and the OptiCHO™ Protein Express cell line development kits - are designed to work together synergistically to help you achieve the highest possible performance from your cells.


Advanced Granulation Technology™ (AGT™)

AGT™ is an innovative dry media format that dissolves quickly and is the only dry format to allow for complete serum-free formulations - no additions necessary!


FreeStyle™ MAX Expression Systems and Transfection Reagent

The FreeStyle™ MAX system is a breakthrough technology for the transient expression of recombinant proteins in mammalian cell lines.